Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a tahiti, le "compte japonais" invoqué dans une sombre histoire | rue89


Who killed JPK? Rue89 reports links between Couraud's
disappearance and bank accounts held in Japan by the
same politicians he was exposing.

Judicial efforts in Tahiti towards investigating allegations of assassination of a former Pape'ete editor continue to stagger on.

Latest news out of the French territory indicates that an investigating magistrate has declared there are no more witnesses to be heard regarding the disappearance of Jean-Pascal Couraud, on 15th December 1997.

Meantime, a French language news site gives the connections between Couraud and documents he was carrying at the time of his alleged kidnapping by French-trained security agents.

A Tahiti, le "compte japonais" invoqué dans une sombre histoire | Rue89

Translation to come shortly : other links

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