Thursday, December 18, 2008

silence marks jpk anniverary



A family falls silent.
An anniversary passes.
Eleven years, to be sure.
No press releases.
No conference statements.
No email alerts.
Still, no trace, Jean-Pascal Couraud.
An investigation, yes.
Four years old.
For a man not forty.
Family falls silent, crestfallen, facing, full force, the French state.
Freemasons, far frontiers, financial flows, fundamental flaws, fundamentalists.
No foreigner.
Nor freelancers sans frontiers.
Now, just silence.
Six months, no more.
Curving onto reef, close; shhhhhh, ukulele, hymn, prayer.
Frangipani tree, memory, brothers once three.
No bottles, none smashed.
Silence, volumes, dawning daze, subprime reality, la force de frappe, sans frontières.
Flapping tricolour, rainbow reviewed, eternally.
Fairly, not really, a frogmen follow-up from mercy dash,
Federated states of micronesia, jelly
Fish babies.
For sure.
A photographer, globally mourned.
An editor, forgotten.


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