Sunday, June 29, 2008

review slams "undignified, unworthy" acts

jean-pascal couraud, above


Death in the tropics

Presented by Elise Lucet. An inquiry by Magali Serre and Christian Gaudin (France, 2008). 105 minutes.

In 1997, Tahitian journalist Jean-Pascal Couraud, by-lined JPK, disappeared under troubling circumstances. Suicide? At first, the family take this hypothesis on board, before revelations in 2004 by a certain Vetea Guilloux lead them to lodge a complaint for murder and complicity.

Investigative journalist and opposition politicians aimed at Gaston Flosse (then president of Polynesia), JPK investigating a number of sensitive dossiers of local and metropolitan authorities, addressing issues including patronage, fictitious jobs and embezzlement.

He was therefore closely monitored by GIP, the Intervention Group of Polynesia, assimilated as a section under the presidency, a service employing Vetea Guilloux.

If they fail to precisely identify those truly responsible for the death of Jean-Pascal Couraud, numerous documents and testimony gathered by Magali Serre and Christian Gaudin shed light on a flood of undignified administrative practices, judicial and political acts unworthy of a republican democracy, irrespective of the territory in which they occur.

by Sophie Bourdais

Télérama, Saturday, June 28, 2008

translated by avaiki nius agency


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