Monday, December 17, 2007

france radio broadcasts JPK "interception"

france inter radio has broadcast fresh evidence on the JPK affair.


Second most popular radio station in the republic, France Inter has released a major investigation into the JPK Affair on the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of the former Pape'ete editor.

Titled "Sharks in troubled waters - a counter-investigation into the JPK Affair" the programme sees fresh testimony from witnesses connected to the affair.

Following below is a translation taken from the introductory webpage.

"Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Sharks in troubled waters - a counter-investigation into the JPK

"10 years ago, during the night of 15 to 16 December 1997, the investigative journalist Jean-Pascal Couraud disappeared in mysterious circumstances in French Polynesia.

"Under his byline JPK, Jean-Pascal Couraud denounced political, economic, and judicial scandals and abuses of power by Gaston Flosse, leader of French Polynesia for almost 30 years, protected by Jacques Chirac since the 70's.

"Officially, JPK committed suicide by drowning, after absorption of a drug.

"His body has never been found.

"In October 2004, a former member of the security service of Gaston Flosse relaunched the case. The man attests to having witnessed the abduction of JPK, and identified the perpetrators of his death.

"The thugs allegedly tried to extort information from the journalist on files in his possession concerning Gaston Flosse.
"JPK's family then filed a complaint for "assassination".

"Since then, however, the judiciary seems to find it hard to let the truth emerge.

"Today, 'Interception' brings new pieces of evidence to the JPK Affair.

"For the first time, Jean-Dominique Desarcis, the former lawyer Jean-Pascal Couraud, talks publicly.

"He reveals threats against him, and reveals what "sensitive" records JPK held shortly before his death: arms trafficking, financing of the RPR*, alleged payments from a businessman in Polynesia to Jacques Chirac, in liasion with Gaston Flosse… in Japan!

"The former No. 2 GIP (Intervention Group of Polynesia, a service under orders from Gaston Flosse) Sandy Guilloux, tells how one of his subordinates confessed to having been present at the death of JPK.

"A report by Benedict Collombat, sound by: Alain Fauchet."

* Rally for the Republic, Le Rassemblement pour la République (RPR), the main right-wing party of France.


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