Wednesday, July 20, 2005

exposing jpk | founding editorial

Lack of official action continues to haunt the memory of Jean-Pascale Couraud, a Tahiti journalist who disappeared without trace on Monday 15th December 1997.
In the seven years since then, no one has been arrested in relation with his disappearance.
French police have dragged their feet through one of their customarily slow motion investigations. Any evidence still in existence has probably long been buried.
As backround, former Frrench magistrate Eric Halphen has been quoted by the BBC as saying that justice does not exist in France. It is also in short supply around the rest of the world.
JPK's colleagues in Tahiti - apart from a few brave exceptions - have bowed their heads too afraid to do their job and report what happened.
And what hasn't.
Similar problems exist across the language divide, with English speaking journalists yet to grasp the fact that a regional colleague lived and died defending freedoms they take for granted from corrupt politicians, with many pointing the finger at former president Gaston Flosse.
Questions about JPK directed towards the executive of the Pacific Islands News Association have yet to received a response.
This web log is aimed at providing a central location for updates about the investigation into the disappearance and presumed death of JPK.
Like many of us in an often stressful profession, JPK suffered from depression and there are suggestions he may have committed suicide by sleeping pills and drowning.
Jean Pascale Couraud was last seen holding a fat folder, said to be full of incriminating documents on Flosse.
As any journalist knows, documents are a cause for celebration, not suicide. Just like any journalist would prey for if she or he disappeared while working on a very hot story.
JPK is remembered here by his colleagues.
Gone. Not forgotten.

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