Thursday, May 11, 2006

jpk witnesses die "strange" deaths

Tahiti Pacifique Magazine, February 2006


The GIP-JPK Affair (continued)

A second (astonishing) judgment against Vetea Guilloux. The GIP-JPK legal series continues

Vetea Guilloux, a former member of GIP (Polynesian Intervention Group) who exposed two former colleagues to a cabinet minister as taking part in the kidnapping and then assassination of the journalist Jean-Pascal Couraud in 1997, was condemned to 12 months in prison, with 11 deferred, for “false allegations.”
The magistrates of the Court of Appeal of Papeete ruled that Vetea Guilloux “lied” and that his allegations had led to long and meticulous investigations, justifying the earlier judgment.
The Chief Prosecutor initially sought a judgment of 12 months in prison with 9 months deferred for ‘slanderous allegations’ but who had previously been stalled because an inquiry into the disappearance of the journalist was still underway.
As Vetea had already been imprisoned, he was freed for this lawsuit, and allowed to appeal further, to the supreme Court of Cassation, against the judgment, protesting, “What I said was true.”
Lawyer for the accused, Mr Cross, is astonished that “the court has just said to Mr. Vetea Guilloux ‘you lied but you did not slander’ and then ‘we do not have the proof that you slandered.’”
Odder still is this: as the court temporarily drew the shutters on the JPK affair all that remained were revelations by Vetea Guilloux about an espionage cell in the GIP.
But a judicial report by the investigative squad of national police on February 21, 2005 confirms all the claims by Vetea on this subject.*
Where then is the lie?
Will the investigative squad also be prosecuted for “lying”?
Then there is the family of the missing journalist, with Philippe Couraud, the brother of journalist JPK, believing “certain people within the legal system” have tried to “cover up" the affair.
Tahiti-Pacific met another witness (whom does one ignore?), a former senior official of the GIP one week before this case was heard.
During a long interview, this man revealed to us (in front of witness) several strange things that relate to the JPK affair and which are disturbing.
These things deserve to be known, with all due caution.
Initially this man explains that of the five GIP who took part in the famous party of Kikiriri where one of them talked about the assassination of JPK with Vetea Guilloux, two have since died in, at the very least, strange ways: one, V.C., a 30 year old sportsman in full health, would have drowned in 20 cm of water in a river; and the other, F.H., a strapping man of 35 years, died of a heart failure on a building site in the Tonga islands.
But what is much more disturbing is that this source affirms he would have it on his honor that he also heard testimony, similar to assertions of Vetea, by one of the participants linked to the disappearance of JPK.
He confirms he made the same claims to gendarmes during investigations, but was then told that “was not the question.”
Can we, must we believe this man?
Definitely, this affair becomes increasingly nebulous.
On October 4, 2005, Rere Puputauki and his former assistant in the GIP, Jean-Claude Tang were interviewed by the finance section of the DCPJ.
This time, it was about a nursery in Papara which cost FPF86 Fcfp more than “compared with the finished job, according to the current presidency.”
Also, a hangar ordered and paid for has never have been built.
Campaign banners of the former ruling party, Tahoeraa Huiraatira, imported from China and found in the buildings of the GIP in Tipaerui are also the subject of an investigation. – Alex du Prel.
* It is rumoured that this official report is considered to be highly “embarrassing” and that a counter-enquiry would have to be carried out (to contradict it?) by other investigators. To be confirmed.