Wednesday, February 01, 2006

justice officials block inquiry say family


Family of allegedly assassinated journalist Jean-Pascale Couraud say some justice officials are working “in the shadows” to block an investigation.
By-lined as JPK, Couraud disappeared on 12th December 1997.
In an update to their website, the family say they had been hopeful late last year of an end to inquiries ahead of the eighth anniversary of Couraud’s disappearance.
Information given to them by the presiding magistrate, Judge Barruol, gave them confidence as to the methods being used to conduct the inquiry.
However now they are not so sure.
Quoting a “well-informed source,” the Couraud family allege phone-taps have been “deliberately prevented” from being made a part of the investigations.
This removes one of the few ways “for obtaining possible evidence of an assassination which, for many observers, appears more and more likely as being the cause of the disappearance of JPK.”
The Couraud family say obstruction of justice efforts are “unworthy” and also reveal “shadiness and fear” among those being investigated.
Rumours of alleged interference show the JPK investigation is “drifting off-course” and have left the family at a “loss for words.”
“Again it appears doubtful whether everyone in this investigation has the resolve to allow the truth behind his disappearance to be established.”